Monday, April 4, 2011

stitch + knit

liefday monday.
{stitch + knit}

i love embroidery. have i said that recently?
its patience, texture, and simplicity get me every time. i am full of new ideas to incorporate this gorgeous art form into lief design.

here is a glimpse.

I also love knitting, although this takes some serious patience. but in the end, worth the time.

a bamboo neck wrap.

additional inspiration for new lief design projects = fabric. I went on a non-business trip to chicago this past weekend, however, I could not keep myself away from one of my favorite little fabric shops. just love what I do!

happy monday!


  1. Did you knit that neck wrap?? lovely. just lovely. make one for me please.

  2. aww thanks suz. I did make it and completely up for making you one!