Sunday, December 19, 2010

UICA CoOp shop and handmade gifts.

the holiday artist's market was: wonderful. exciting. busy. lovely. stimulating. great.
thank you to all that came and stopped by my booth. it was great to see you all!
I loved meeting some of the different artists as well.
if you didn't get a chance to come down to the UICA, stop by the UICA CoOp shop. located at:

41 Sheldon Boulevard SE
Grand Rapids Michigan 49503

lots of great work and delightful christmas gifts as well.

speaking of christmas gifts, what are your ideas this year?
I love making handmade gifts (which I will show you post Christmas for many who will receive these gifts also read this blog. :))
In Selvedge's recent issue they spoke about gifts being an experience, for both the giver and receiver. curious. interesting. and true, I think.
Here's a small snippet from that article:

"It's the thought that counts. At this time of year buying gifts is almost inevitable and most of us put plenty of thoughts into what we give to others. We realize that a gift represents us, and reveals
what we think of the recipient but a gift has further layers of meaning. An object is also an experience. It carries the experience of the maker: if you made the gift yourself then you are giving your own time and affection, as well as the present - that's what makes a homemade gift so special."
Selvedge Magazine Issue 37 pg. 23

so hats off to those of you making your whimsical gifts this year.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

UICA Artists' Market this Friday and Saturday.

Just a reminder to come down to the UICA Friday or Saturday to check out the new lief products and the the many other talented artists that will be there! Here is the UICA website for more information.

Here is a little inspiration for your weekend from PurlSoho. Enjoy!