Monday, May 30, 2011

watercolor + letters

liefday monday.
{watercolor + letters}

memorial day. firsts of summer. hot sun. marshmallows. sweat. skirts. bathing suits. bellowing streets. bouncing porches. relaxation. a lovely way to say hello.
today's relaxation: watercolor and letters.

{watercolor travel pack. a summer must have}

{sip. sip. sip.}


{and so you paint your house pink, at least for may}


Thursday, May 26, 2011

superpowers + type

inspiration wednesday.
{superpowers + type}

this week I listened to an old This American Life podcast about superpowers. ever think about those and what you would choose? mine would most definitely be a modern version of I dream of Jeannie. I mean really, cross those arms, twitch that nose and instantly be wherever you want? sweet. that coupled with remembering everything I have ever learned. those would be my top. what about you?

type has also been of inspiration for me this week. a friend and I have been in conversation about typography which peaked me to search some type blogs.

found some I really love:

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

folders + summer

liefday monday.
{folders + summer}

hello, monday, you came back quickly.
a recap of the week: making folders + finishing the products for the parade of homes this weekend. can't wait to show you! (but will have to wait until next week, so to not spoil the surprise. hehe.)


oh, and, it's summer. hallelujah.

cheers . emilie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

old chicago + NYC

inspiration wednesday.
{old chicago + NYC}

i've been reminiscing about my time in chicago and got inspired thinking about the two lovely companies I used to work for and whole-heartedly support: Great Lake Pizza + Snow + Graham. they are great. thank you for all the inspiration and growth both of you have given me.

{image via}

also, big week in the javits center. so sad I couldn't be there. but for all of you that did get to go, hope that you enjoyed ICFF and NSS!

Monday, May 16, 2011

postman + hand-towels

liefday monday.
{postman + hand-towels}

mr. postman, I understand how it can be frustrating that machines can't always read calligraphy. I understand that this may mean more work for you, as they have to be hand-sorted rather than sifted quickly through the gentle teeth of our non-human friends. for that I am sorry. however, I hope that you can see past this momentary inconvenience and realize the greater significance of these letters. thank you!

making more inventory of these striped linen hand-towels today. I do love this fabric! and, these do make perfect gifts, you know. :) for those grads entering new places of living, for those of us a little late on mother's day, or really on our game for father's day. or even as a simple host gift for those wonderful summer bbq's. only $10 for a 100% linen, handmade towel, sweet!

i've been using my old printers tray as my thread holder. i just love items that double as visual delights and organizational structures. thought I would share -- if you have one, you should try this. it's great!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

stashes + carnivals

inspiration wednesday.
{stashes + carnivals}

so much inspiration this week. i limit it to two things: stashes and carnivals.

now, when you love fabric, and I mean love fabric, you understand the term stash. it has nothing to do with a man's face, but everything to do with textiles. it's the beautiful closet, or drawer, or pile, or whatever this may be for you, that just keeps growing. i was asked today, while checking out, what this gorgeous felt i was purchasing was going to be used for. I sat there for a moment, then realized I hadn't even thought about that. I just fell in love with the color, texture and combination, that the end product wasn't even on my radar. did I tell him it was for my stash? no, he wouldn't understand. will it be used? of course! do I know what yet?nope! but for now, my stash just got prettier. thank you sheep for your luscious wool, it makes me very, very happy.

and carnivals. creepy, exciting, inspiring, nostalgic, entertaining. colorful.

john ball zoo held it's carnival last weekend and laura and i jumped on the opportunity to see the sights. (and of course, play some games to win those to-die-for, completely worth your money, win every time, stuffed animals.) somehow we left there without a life sized bulldog, but we did go home with a 2"x4" stuffed one hundred dollar bill. we were happy.

cheers, emilie

Monday, May 9, 2011

jamin + lovin'

liefday monday.
{jamin + lovin'}

so it's that time again. wedding season. love is in the air, and in my case, covering my studio with envelopes, paper, ink, fabric and nibs. as I type with ink-stained fingers and soreness in my arm, I could not be more excited about this seasons' weddings. hip hip hoera!

a big perk to having a dutch father is jamin. (said ya-min) it's a wonderful dutch version of willy wonka's chocolate factory, sub the black licorice for chocolate. delicious. thank you for making prime room in your suitcase for this papa. a lief design favorite!

dutch beehives.

lief wedding invites. linen, meet calligraphy. I think you will be great friends.

and some calligraphed cards of the week.

happy monday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

home + written love

inspiration wednesday.
{home + written love}

paging through the ballard designs magazine this week inspired me. really love this couch. that coffee table. and those enlarged safety pins.

also, paul antonio did the calligraphy for the royal wedding. really, really beautiful work.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

calligraphy + parades

liefday monday.
{calligraphy + parades}

feeling quite blessed this week. loved doing this calligraphed mat for a local church. calligraphy really is like painting. just love it. and the women I worked with at the church were so wonderful. thank you!

and looking forward to making products for the upcoming spring parade of homes! you should definitely check out the celadon development near knapps corner. it's really great -- they have combined homes, workspaces, shopping, and community into a really great development. if you're looking for a place to live, or just perusing new homes during the parade of homes, make sure you make a stop at celadon.

happy monday!