Thursday, June 30, 2011

type + travel

inspiration wednesday.
{type + travel}

inspiration this past week lands on type and travel.

essica hische was in grand rapids, and, well, she's pretty rad. seriously bummed I couldn't watch her do her thing at the GRAM, but it was still inspiring to have a typographer/illustrator like her in town.

i also came across this sculpture at meijer gardens. men made of metal letters. it's called I, you, she, or he... by Jaume Plensa.

and a bit of travel.

oh, and lovely madcap.

happy holiday weekend!

Monday, June 27, 2011

hang + via

liefday monday.
{hang + via}

so it's july this week. eeep. but I am back in grand rapids again after some splendid time in Chicago. picked up some great supplies and fabrics. big cities are wonderful for that.

here is a logo I was happy to make for a friend that is starting an ikea delivery business. (if you love ikea, and want some of their products delivered to grand rapids....) he is going to be in the 5x5 tomorrow at the GRAM, which is a cool competition among 5 different people who have unique business ideas. wish you the best!

also some images of a baby wall hang. working on one now for a sweet boy who was born on june 8. a great day to be born, I would say. :)

happy monday.

Monday, June 20, 2011

envelopes + returns

liefday monday.
{envelopes + returns}

when questioning whether or not to have your return envelopes calligraphed as well, think yes.
just look at how lovely they are together.
cheers to suzy + john!

(good work on the invites suz!)
happy monday!

Friday, June 17, 2011

wood, leather + furniture

inspiration "wednesday".
{wood, leather + furniture}

it was neocon this week, which means massive amounts of lovely furniture design overtaking chicago's merchandise mart. aside from having parents connected to both, haworth and herman miller are still some of my favorites.

herman miller's booth.
{image via}

haworth booth.
{image via}

happy weekend!

Monday, June 13, 2011

tables + stitches

liefday monday.
{tables + stitches}

straight stitch, straight stitch, straight stitch, repeat.
the "celebrate" tablecloth for the parade of homes. thanks for the photos molly!
these tablecloths come custom sized and worded -- perfect to fit your home!

happy monday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

clips + houseboats

inspiration wednesday.
{clips + houseboats}

eeeeek! I just found my new favorite designer: pia jane bijkerk. she's an artist. she lives on a houseboat in amsterdam. and she designs so beautifully! what a delicious combination. oh, and, she wrote this book. checkout, click.

{image via}

pia had a video by naomie ross on her blog that I loved, and wanted to share with you as well. It's one of the better letterpress video clips I have seen. so if you have been confused as to what letterpress entails, be confused no longer.

also, loved this video clip from tiger in a jar on how to make beet cake.

happy inspiration!

Monday, June 6, 2011

tiffany blue + white

liefday monday.
{tiffany blue + white}

lots of calligraphy these days. lovely.

tiffany blue envelopes with white sketched ink. check.

happy monday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

north + fog + nature

inspiration wednesday.
{north + fog + nature}

a constant source of inspiration lies quietly in that around me. nature has a personified way of calming and inspiring in paralleled moments.
this past weekend, with the volvo wagon packed up tight, we drove ourselves north in search of these unfiltered moments; a sense of pure, away from the busyness.
through empty wine glasses, sticky ice-cream hands, fog laden fields, long blue lakes and deep conversations we were blessed to embrace these such moments.


also, listening to olafur arnalds while driving through thick fog = fantastic.

I especially like this song:

happy wednesday.