Tuesday, April 19, 2011

excitement + flexibility

forgive me tuesday.
{excitement + flexibility}

first, forgive me for my interrupted blogging. life gets crazy sometimes. (ha, sometimes, maybe all times? ever feel that way?) as much as I love the structure that the three times a week blogging brings, it is nice to have some flexibility. so thanks for your grace and understanding that comes with being human, and maybe, just possibly having one too many things on this girls to do list. :)

but I am super excited about some lief happenings.

first, yesterday I received christmas times ten in the mail. linen samples! they are just gorgeous. I wish pictures could convey texture because these are gems. much creativity and dreaming has begun. oh to make beautiful things from linen!

second, very excited about doing calligraphy work for jack + suz's wedding invites and place cards. I'll post some pictures nearing completion.

third, absolutely thrilled to be working with erin + lauren as they create welcome home, a natural, delightful home nourishing + cleaning business. meeting with you both this past week was a joy! if you are looking for a natural based cleaning company, they would be a wonderful fit!

fourth, custom baby shower thank yous. most things made little are just so sweet. researching for this project was thoroughly enjoyable.

feeling very grateful and blessed to be working with you all.

happy week.

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