Friday, March 25, 2011

wine labels

thing day friday.
{wine labels}

I love wine. red wine in particular. white wine for those hot summer afternoons. when it comes to perusing the wine isles and deciding which bottle will satisfy, type, in the grape sense, does not always have the final say for me. I judge a bottle by it's cover. if I don't like the label, chances are I won't buy it. so today, the thing is wine labels. here are a few that I have enjoyed.

this label was created by a super cool graphic design company from barcelona called Atipus. check out some of their other packaging designs, pretty great.

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this label was designed by a Canadian company called Brandever.

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A local favorite of mine, 45North Winery. (found in lovely Leelanau County in northern Michigan.) The winery is great, and so is their font.

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a metal looking label. sweet.

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colorful. clean. white. by Stef Baxter.

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hope you can enjoy a nice glass of wine this weekend.

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