Monday, March 28, 2011

je bent so lief!

liefday monday.
{je bent so lief!}

today is a history lesson of sorts. a description of the process. I know for myself, when I read or hear why a company developed or where it came from, I have a deeper appreciation for the product and design. in this connection, the human element has been attached, and for me, this creates a sense of meaning.

so...lief.[leef] (via)

lief comes from the dutch language, meaning sweet, dear, or treasured, as used as an endearment. growing up with a father who was born and raised in amsterdam, I was instilled with that dutch love at an early age. visiting the netherlands throughout my childhood, and later on, living there for a short while, built a deep sense of connection and appreciation for the dutch culture. so, when it came to deciding on a name for my designs, I knew I wanted to honor that rich history and the influences it has had on where I have come.

this whole reflection was sparked from a conversation I had with my father last night who told me that my oma (grandma) had worked for a fashion company, klunder, when she was younger. culture and design collide! awesome. to see that red connecting stitch through family is so inspiring!

as I was trying to research this amsterdam fashion company called klunder (no such luck), I did stumble upon some sweet blogs/websites:

this image wraps it up well:

you are so sweet!
{image via}

so, what's your inspiration? where have your designs and ideas evolved from?
happy monday!

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