Wednesday, March 9, 2011

looms + UK

inspiration wednesday.
{weaving looms}

I am finding the practice of sitting down and reflecting on what has inspired me over the past week nourishing. so often we are moving at such a rapid pace that the things that inspire us come and go just as fast. I have really enjoyed this process - and if you are one that loves to be inspired, I would encourage you to do the same. I think you will be delightfully surprised.

this past week's inspiration: weaving looms.
oh to sit and weave that beautiful textile back and forth - such a beautiful process!

{image via}

i was initially inspired by hand weaving when I was reading through selvedge (issue 38 - zoological!) magazine where they had a beautiful layout of artist Eleanor Pritchard. Her work is calmly wonderful. Below is one of her woven blankets.

{image via}

some days when I think about the beauty of crafting the whole fiber process (sheep, shear, spin, stain, stitch (or weave, knit...but for alliteration sake, stitch) I think I belong in the UK, particularly Ireland or Whales, even if only for a couple months...

oh, and I loved this dress. :)

enjoy your wednesday. may you be inspired this week!

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