Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sartorialist + fashion

inspiration wednesday.
{sartorialist + fashion}

i love fashion. not so much for how I look, but more so for the art of it. for the matching of textiles and fabrics. how the fabric lies on one's shoulder, gliding down to the sole. how shoe choice absolutely matters. and, how sometimes all you need is a scarf. granted, most days, my sense of fashion is thrown together in roughly ten minutes, and really is no fashion at all, but I am still thoroughly in love with this art form.

i love reading the wall street journal's life & culture section. it is full of fashion inspiration. shoes, coats, belts, how to's. it's great. opening the outstretched paper, smelling the freshly printed ink while quietly sipping jet black coffee - perfect. (but if you must, does okay too)

this video has so inspired me this week. scott's eye for fashion and the things and people in his world is wonderful. it has definitely inspired me to look for art in abnormal places.

happy wednesday!

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