Wednesday, March 2, 2011

new thoughts + a.b.k. leather

new thoughts.

I like organization. I like things that flow. I like little boxes and little jars. I like the container store. These things make me happy. so, this is why I want to organize the blog a bit more. now, granted, creativity does not always fit into these nice little white boxes I have all lined up in my head, but it's a skeleton that I hope to splash with color, beauty and ideas. I hope to give you inspiration. I hope to start a conversation.


monday: lief happenings.
mondays will be for sharing liefdesign happenings: projects. creative endeavors. sales. new excitements. lovely people.

wednesday: that of inspiration.
wednesdays will be for sharing what has inspired me in hopes to inspire you.

friday: a few of my favorite things.
fridays will be "thing day," where I will choose something, such as a lamp, and post interesting, creative and inspiring images and ideas of such things.

well, here goes. eeep!

wednesday: that of inspiration.

{a.b.k. custom leather craft.}

{image via}

i stumbled upon this website of abknyc and can't stop drooling over this gorgeous leather craft. i want it all. but instead I'll just blog about it.

these are my favorites:

{these shoes.}

{these boots.}

{this bag.}

{this purse.}

sigh. oh so beautiful...


  1. abk is killing me... i want it all! maybe leather should be your next craft.

    i love you, em. you are doing such cool things!

  2. isn't it great?! I feel in love instantly. and thanks for your encouragement -- sure love you too!