Monday, March 7, 2011

CAREballet + birthdays

liefday monday.
{GRunveiled + CAREballet}

here are some more photos from the show from talented nicole haley. thank you again for all of your hard work that night!

also, CAREballet (creative arts repertoire ensemble) is having their auction on Saturday, March 26th at Kent Country Club.

CARE is a great organization that I got connected to through a dear family that I simply cherish. Two of their three girls dance with CARE and I had the chance to see them this past Christmas in their 'TWAS show -- it was great! (and at st. cecelia!) CARE also works hard to connect under-served children in the Grand Rapids Area to dance by providing tickets and transportation to Friday night performances. I think what they are doing in the lives of children in the GR area is wonderful and inspiring. If you plan on attending the auction, keep your eye out for a lief design bag filled with thank you cards, a journal and a gift certificate -- all tied together in a handmade bag, of course! :)

and a big happy birthday to some of the dearest people to me!
happy monday!

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