Friday, September 23, 2011

wheat + laughter

inspiration 'wednesday'.
{wheat + laughter}

this week's inspiration came from being in the new 6.25 paper studio shop that just opened on monroe center.

the environment.
the products.
the layout.

it just looks great.

and I absolutely LOVE to laugh out loud in card shops, and equally love it when others do to. put yourself there: it's quiet. people are slowly meandering though the isles, picking up cards here and there. and then the stillness is broken by unexpected laughter. it's like small pops of color that splash on the white. and it's seriously contagious.
I tell you this because I had this experience this week in the new shop. there are plenty of cards in 6.25 that will do this to you. I bought two of them. now in efforts to keep this blog clean and kid friendly, I will leave it to you to go to the shop and check out the cards. :) but here is one (friendly) example from Syd Design.

{image via}

have a fabulous weekend!

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