Monday, September 26, 2011

infinity scarves + digitized embroidery

liefday monday.
{infinity scarves + digitized embroidery}

I'm making an infinity scarf. I love infinity scarves. (although, to be honest, I didn't know these awesome loop scarves were titled 'infinity scarves' until my friend asked me if I would make one for her, causing an immediate google search on my end.) with my recently informed answer I gladly accepted the request. here is the progress thus far.

(for any knitters out there...have you made one of these before? and if so, did you use a circular needle? I'm pretty attached to my wooden needles, so I decided to use them and sew up the seam at the end.)

and, artprize.

I love the buzz of conversation flowing and circling around the streets of grand rapids.
Artprize creates a beautiful space to dialogue about creativity.
I have not seen too much of artprize yet, but one of my favorites thus far has been jess larson's piece called Look and Learn, Little Girl Series. (located in the new UICA).

here is an image from this piece. it's digitized embroidery on ink jet printed silk. just beautiful. she has tagged different words with the images. this one states the word imperious, meaning assuming authority without justification. personified high heel. awesome.

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