Wednesday, September 14, 2011

food + watercolor + friends

inspiration wednesday.
{food + watercolor + friends}

i have been so inspired by food lately. I fully attribute this to my dear new friend and fellow blogger (who just so happens to be amazing at writing + cooking, among other things). I am not going to try and fool anyone that I cook and bake, because I don't. cooking for one is just no fun. however, when it's not just me, as stacy and I have been cooking together, I love it!
this has inspired a new food related idea. a watercolor art/cookbook. I want to watercolor and calligraph recipes. this may take years to finish, but I'm really excited to have a fun new project to have as winter is rapidly approaching.

here are some recent food loves.

beet juice.
(I love to juice. this one included beets, kale, apples, carrots, ginger and a lemon.)

are delicious this time of year.

concord grapes!

cucumber + peanut salad.
(made lovingly in the little orange kitchen)

happy wednesday!

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