Wednesday, August 3, 2011

selvedge + nygards anna

inspiration wednesday.
{selvedge + nygards anna}

my inspiration for the week: hands down, selvedge magazine, issue 41.
every time I receive a new issue it goes something like this, without fail:
"eeeeeeeeeee! lips drawn ear to ear, teeth clenched with excitement. I grab ahold tightly, become lost in the beauty of the cover, riddled with anticipation of what is to come. ahhhhh, I rest at the closest seat and slowly, gently dive in.

issue 41 was no different.

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favorite article: tides of fashion: nygards anna offer styles that will survive. (p. 18) check out more of nygards anna's amazing designs here.

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i also really enjoyed the article: straw poll: hat making in caussade and septfonds. (p. 24) I loved that the Caussade hat district started in the 1700s with a woman who was inspired by the "tall, thin, white straw that grew on the dry rocky land" (p. 24). she used this material to make straw braids and went on to open hat making workshops; among having thirteen children. thank you Petronille Cantecor for your strong example and inspiration.

cheers! emilie

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