Friday, August 12, 2011

bloggin' + illustratin'

inspiration "wednesday."
{bloggin' + illustratin'}

diggin' some new blogs these days and wanted to share.

first, scout holiday. I love the style of images used, and I really like the name holiday for vacation. "I'm on holiday! sounds way more festive than "I'm on vacation", no? this image is from the post titled "*****". check it out.

second is . of paper and things . the name kinda describes it all. but check out this clothes rack filled with Joanna Fowles designs; it is made from branches! I would LOVE this. it would go perfectly with the branch hung on my bedroom wall...

is this not gorgeous? stumbled upon Rudi de Wet's illustrations through this blog, isn't it wonderful?

and lastly, a road tip picture. anyone who has ever driven michigan to missouri knows those long highway drives through illinois and missouri. lots of corn, lots of corn.


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