Monday, August 1, 2011

save the dates + vacation

liefday monday.
{save the dates + vacation}

I took a vacation last week; it was the first in a very long time. recently, 'vacation' has come to mean "take-your-work-to-a-new-location-and-try-to-hang-out,-relax-and-enjoy-those-around-you-while-getting-everything-else-done." and let me tell you, that does not work. actually, it can be more stressful than just staying in my own studio. so, this time, I left work at home and just took a break. and it was so wonderful. I water-colored, wrote poetry, spent wonderful time with my family, sailed, drank delicious wine, ate way too much, and actually took a vacation.

so I have this really sweet Australian couple that I have been designing wedding goods for; they are simply great. it has been so lovely to get to know them and craft designs to fit their wedding. as we are completing the final save the dates, I wanted to show some of the other proofs that were designed along the way. I'll show the final save the dates once they have been sent out and received.

{tag save the date}

{pennant save the date}

{rose petal calligraphed save the date}

oh, and a big THANK YOU to all of you who came out to the show at Celedon! It was lovely to meet you.


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