Tuesday, July 5, 2011

patience + robin's eggs

liefday monday.
{patience + robin's eggs}

happy fourth of july week. hope you had a chance to enjoy some summer.

I tried something new this week: dying fabric. i'm in a wedding this summer where I need to wear a robin's egg blue colored dress. i think it's fabulous and I love this color, but found it quite hard to find just the right dress. and just any dress won't do for this wedding, so I decided to dye and make it myself. you should try this at home, it is delightful. it's like a spiral of anticipation as you put your beautiful, crisp white fabric into a bin of splashing color that doesn't even resemble the hue that you hope it will be. and you wait, and stir, and wait, and inhale some toxic fumes, and stir, and wait, just hoping that the past two hours you spent folding and spinning your fabric will actually look the color you intended it to be. and then the moment comes; you wash, you dry, and tada, somehow, magically, it beams with robin's egg blue. and just like the tree, the girl was happy.


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