Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dress + ties

liefday monday.
{dress + ties}

so, as you know, it was my dear friends suzy + john's wedding last weekend. one reason suz and I are great friends is our shared love for creating, which naturally overflowed into their wedding. specifically: men's neckties.

here's how the conversation went:
suz: em, I figured out what to do for John's friends that are coming to the wedding...let's make them ties.
em: that's brilliant. how many do we need to make?
suz: 15
(both of us laugh at the ridiculousness of how long that will take us to finish in the short amount of time we have.)
em: perfect.

boys and their neckties. just love that black one with cars on it.

and I did finish the dress. :) even if I was still hand-sewing that lace 20 minutes before the ceremony, it did get done -- and it fit! one robin's egg blue dress, done.

just might make ties into a new lief product. whatcha think? got a specific color you want? I'm on it -- especially now that I have a phaff to use! eeeeeeeee, one happy girl. (thanks, suz)

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