Tuesday, July 12, 2011

michigan + littles

liefday monday.
{michigan + littles}

love michigan? me too. that's why I decided to do some michigan themed stationery. because michigan just is that great. but we are not other state haters -- if you've got some local state (or city) lovin', let me know and I can craft up some stationery just for your liking.

also completed the wall hanger for the sweet boy born on June 8.

cheers! emilie


  1. Ah! love those cards so much!! Definitely going to have to grab the grand rapids one. so fun emilie.

  2. Love your Michigan cards! Can't wait until I can send them myself! Would be a little awkward to send them out from CO : ) Hope they are still in production next year! -Anna

  3. Em! those are wonderful! You should make a Chi Sky line!! i would buy thousands of those.


    the wall hanging looks beautiful too.

    i might name my first child those names just to replicate the beauty of it...

    see you thursday!

  4. Such even stitching, lil em. V impressive.

  5. thanks for the lovin' - glad that you like them!