Monday, January 24, 2011

winter. beauty.

I have a strange love with winter. it's cold, clean, crisp. everything is dead, and quiet. i become introverted and search that idea of wholeness. what does that mean? what does that look like? this time of year is nothing like those carefree summer days or those cozy fall evenings, but there is a beauty in this serene white world around us. with these quieter days, I have more time to devote to those around me and the design + crafts that I love. one project I was working on was some custom aprons. a great idea for those who love to cook! here's a peek at them:

I also wanted to share a great new magazine I was introduced to (the wonderful Joyce had given me a subscription to it for Christmas -- how did she know I would just love it? :)it's called: UPPERCASE. maybe you have seen it already, but it's wonderful. those uncoated pages (same as selvedge) are just a treat to feel, not to mention the oh-so-awesome pages stacked within. here is a link to check it out.

hope you are well.

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