Monday, January 10, 2011


the new year has begun. I am very excited to see what 2011 will bring.

I took the past couple weeks off. a break. a holiday. much needed.
I hope you have had the chance to rest as well., lots to catch up on. :)

Did you know there are more type designer's per capita in Holland (the Netherlands), than anywhere else in the world? yup. another reason to love the dutch. :)
over break I met with Earl Kallemeyn, a letterpress printer from Brooklyn who had informed me of this statistic. It was such a treat to meet up with him! he is a highly talented printer who combines paper, type, design and color in such beautiful and simple ways. what's really neat is that he is family as well (my mother's cousin) and has the same ties to the Netherlands as I do. seeing his work and conversing
with him was such an inspiration and affirmation that simple type designs combined with quality paper is perfectly enough to have exceptionally beautiful designs. He gave me a bunch of his samples that I can't stop dragging my finger across the indentation of the press. Thanks again for meeting with me Earl! Check out his website at

here are the promised pictures from the Artist Market. Many thanks to Laura ( and my mom for taking some great pictures for me. I really appreciate it!

setting up the booth.

2011 calendars

bags: grey, white and curry camera

jan hagel cookies homemade by the wonderful debi visser, mom, and wilma bauman, grandmother. free for the taking!

oh, how I love calligraphy gift tags.

'don't forget to write those you love' cards.

get me to the kitchen, eileen!

'in case you forgot your camera' bag

the bird loved the jan hagel.


  1. You are a very talented little sis. I'm so proud of you. If I could buy it all, I would...but that would seriously cut down on your branching out...and my pocketbook. :) Love you dearly.

  2. You're totes talented. Love ya, sweetie-peetie!