Thursday, September 30, 2010

sunrises and selvedge

mornings embody inspiration for me.

recently I decided to wake up to see the sunrise. combining my love for quiet early mornings and beckoning waves of the pacific, I thought it a good idea to peel myself out of a warm bed before 6 am. initially when I received my wake up call I wasn't too impressed, but once I was finally out in the salted air I was very happy I
chose to do so. what incredible beauty.

also, holiday product is upon us already! woah. I can't believe I'm designing for Christmas already. does make me pretty excited. :)

thinking of holiday gifts, look at these sweet handmade soaps and little monster men. absolutely adore.

idea and image coming from my favorite/obsession (really not exaggerating here...): selvedge magazine. oh how I love this magazine. this will certainly not be the last time I blog about them....

look here for their how-to instructions to make these soaps, monsters and other wonderful crafts!

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