Thursday, November 10, 2011

robot rock + beneath the tree

{robot rock + beneath the tree}

gearing up for the holidays! still can't believe that we are at this time of the year already...

the first holiday show I am a part of this year is Beneath the Tree this Friday and Saturday. This show is unique in that it is held in different homes around town, with a handful of artists in each. I like this spin because it brings a very cozy + intimate feel (gezellig!) to the show and it has given me the chance to meet some wonderful people, specifically mary, in whose house I am stationed. if you are around this weekend, you should definitely check this show out, there are a lot of talented artists involved. (rebecca green + beth forrest are also in the sylvan street house -- check out the basement with their gorgeous christmas stockings!)

for the show:
the grey striped tie is back with two new ones: robot rock + eyeglasses in dark brown.

and, of course, some mitten lovin' cards.

a big thanks to grand rapids area young life for inviting me to be part of your YL Auction this past week, it was a treat!

have a lovely weekend!


  1. Em! How do I buy a yellow & white stripe tie from D.C.? Seriously, pay-pal? I'll fashion your wears in the Capitol and direct all inquiries your way. Hope you're well! Nickel

  2. Em! That is so great that you're selling ties now!! What are they going for? Also maybe I'll just send you a check for the cards is that easier?

  3. ryan, I'd be happy to send you a stripe tie! You can either send a check, or I have the square app and take cc as well -- whatever works better with you. send me an email at with your address and I'll get one sent off to you. thanks for spreading the lief love in DC!

  4. nat, thanks for the encouraging words. ties are going for $25. philly prob. needs a little robot tie. :) ha.