Friday, November 18, 2011

markets, parties + stoneware

liefday. (with a little inspiration)
{markets, parties + stoneware}

first, a big thank you to all who came out to the Beneath the Tree show last weekend! It turned out to be a great show!

second, I am very excited about the shows coming up in December! UICA Holiday Artist Market + Handmade Collective's Handmade Holiday Party. I am so looking forward to both! (and busily working away in my studio preparing!)

third, I was thinking over my week and what has inspired me in a design sense, and I was, sadly, having a hard time coming up with something! oye. (this is directly related to the fact that I have been working, and working and doing some more working this week (be it lief, anthropologie or nannying), allowing my inspiration to be minimal -- SAD!) but a beautiful thing about working at Anthropologie is that I get inspired while I am at work. here is one of the products that has inspired me this week. it is just so beautiful!
slate stoneware with a mint glaze covered with delicate half moon imprints. gorgeous!

have a fabulous weekend!

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