Wednesday, May 11, 2011

stashes + carnivals

inspiration wednesday.
{stashes + carnivals}

so much inspiration this week. i limit it to two things: stashes and carnivals.

now, when you love fabric, and I mean love fabric, you understand the term stash. it has nothing to do with a man's face, but everything to do with textiles. it's the beautiful closet, or drawer, or pile, or whatever this may be for you, that just keeps growing. i was asked today, while checking out, what this gorgeous felt i was purchasing was going to be used for. I sat there for a moment, then realized I hadn't even thought about that. I just fell in love with the color, texture and combination, that the end product wasn't even on my radar. did I tell him it was for my stash? no, he wouldn't understand. will it be used? of course! do I know what yet?nope! but for now, my stash just got prettier. thank you sheep for your luscious wool, it makes me very, very happy.

and carnivals. creepy, exciting, inspiring, nostalgic, entertaining. colorful.

john ball zoo held it's carnival last weekend and laura and i jumped on the opportunity to see the sights. (and of course, play some games to win those to-die-for, completely worth your money, win every time, stuffed animals.) somehow we left there without a life sized bulldog, but we did go home with a 2"x4" stuffed one hundred dollar bill. we were happy.

cheers, emilie

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