Monday, May 16, 2011

postman + hand-towels

liefday monday.
{postman + hand-towels}

mr. postman, I understand how it can be frustrating that machines can't always read calligraphy. I understand that this may mean more work for you, as they have to be hand-sorted rather than sifted quickly through the gentle teeth of our non-human friends. for that I am sorry. however, I hope that you can see past this momentary inconvenience and realize the greater significance of these letters. thank you!

making more inventory of these striped linen hand-towels today. I do love this fabric! and, these do make perfect gifts, you know. :) for those grads entering new places of living, for those of us a little late on mother's day, or really on our game for father's day. or even as a simple host gift for those wonderful summer bbq's. only $10 for a 100% linen, handmade towel, sweet!

i've been using my old printers tray as my thread holder. i just love items that double as visual delights and organizational structures. thought I would share -- if you have one, you should try this. it's great!


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