Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day {inspiration}

snow day = blog day. yes! I love perusing other blogs and getting inspired. I just have to share some of the products I stumbled upon...

first, printed hankies from thornback & peel. dark turquoise ships wrapped up in a sweet little box.
second, world's greatest mugs made my MINE found on the feltandwireshop. these just crack me up. imagine the early mornings racing for the coffee only to get the second greatest mug while your honey-pie stands there with a sly little smile silently holding the world's greatest mug. no words necessary. awesome.

third, sweet little shittodo notepad. love the clean design of it as well. Made by Matterial Matter found here.

Fourth, everyday I'm hustlin poster by Paper Jam Press. love this. find it also on the feltandwireshop.

if only I lived near soho. purlsoho is hiring. {sigh}

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