Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GRAM + xactos

{GRAM + xactos}

okay, time for some inspiration.

artprize came and went again, in its usual rapid, bustling, amazing pace.
here were some of my favorites:
(all located in the GRAM.)

color explosion, with magnifying glass.

sewn mesh dresses, teacup included.

beautiful vine.

hand movement.
(loved how much emotion this piece created while watching the movie)

long, mini sketched city.

beautiful texture.

feminine artist self portrait.

charcoal + paint.

thread. fabric. stitch.

all cut from an xacto. crazy. amazing.


  1. beautiful. you have a great eye for loveliness. I benefit, surely, from exploring the world with you!

  2. so glad we could experience the GRAM together!