Monday, November 1, 2010

The studio is a'movin'!

what a crazy week it has been! it is so much work to move, but I sure do love creating and organizing new spaces. (especially design ones!) I think this new space will be a great new home for lief design. pictures will come soon!

but for now...a recent lief design. sewn fabric folder. :)

inspiration = selvedge magazine, of course!
[lovely products found in the dry goods section of selvedge online.]

oh to dream of real linen sheets!
buy these Fog Linen Work Bed Linens here.

sweet wool felt,
in slipper form.
buy these Huopaliike Lahtinen Felt Slippers here.

aren't these felt animals just so cute?
buy them here.

all I need is felt and linen.

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