Tuesday, October 12, 2010

yes, please.

soup tasting challenge was a hit. I can honestly say that I have never eaten that much soup before in my life. there were so many delicious soups to enjoy. I loved urbanpharm's coconut-curry-cashew soup, it was quite delicious. (teresa and I just so happened to be right next to them, yum!)

what a cute little soup table. equipped with quinoa, doula services and handcrafted design work. what more could you possibly need?

it was fun to be part of an event where businesses came together to support and encourage each other -- we met some really inspiring people.
Laura from Thrive Worldwide has a business working to educate people on our buying practices and the effects that poor buying choices can have on our individual and global lives.
Amy from Williams Photography started her own photography business. She was a delight to meet.

thanks to all who came out to support!

I recently finished some work for a new snowplow and lawn care business in town. Jeff was great to work with and I wish him all the best with his new business! Check him out.
Precision Snowplow + Lawn Care

and now, as only a good announcer can say, for some inspiration!

my dear friend suzy from suzannewilliamsdesign recently introduced me to Papermash. delightful.

isn't this wine tag of theirs so cute?
and check out that beautiful simple wine opener.

yes, please!

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