Sunday, August 21, 2011

crazy + lovely

the week.
{crazy + lovely}

this past week was crazy. an unexpected rush of here and there. I can't believe that it's August 21 already. september is coming fast. did I mention that lief got into a local magazine? very excited about this! it comes out next month. September will be a big month.

I took this photo up in leelanau near tandem cider. there is something about the coloring of the green that is so calming. nice to have on a hectic few weeks.

I love stripes.

new design that I really love. the color is hard to see here, but it's a grey purple. it's my favorite michigan card by far.
also, I saw these images on a petit bruit blog and really loved them. the artist is jazmin berakha. her embroidery is beautiful!

{image via}

{image via}

happy weekend.

Friday, August 12, 2011

bloggin' + illustratin'

inspiration "wednesday."
{bloggin' + illustratin'}

diggin' some new blogs these days and wanted to share.

first, scout holiday. I love the style of images used, and I really like the name holiday for vacation. "I'm on holiday! sounds way more festive than "I'm on vacation", no? this image is from the post titled "*****". check it out.

second is . of paper and things . the name kinda describes it all. but check out this clothes rack filled with Joanna Fowles designs; it is made from branches! I would LOVE this. it would go perfectly with the branch hung on my bedroom wall...

is this not gorgeous? stumbled upon Rudi de Wet's illustrations through this blog, isn't it wonderful?

and lastly, a road tip picture. anyone who has ever driven michigan to missouri knows those long highway drives through illinois and missouri. lots of corn, lots of corn.


Monday, August 8, 2011

michigan + lovin'

liefday monday.
{michigan + lovin'}

michigan love is flowin', especially in its beautiful summer months. I love being a michigander, almost as much as I love that name.

made these purple michigans this week for a fellow grand rapidian. who wouldn't want some grand rapids lovin' in their mailbox?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

selvedge + nygards anna

inspiration wednesday.
{selvedge + nygards anna}

my inspiration for the week: hands down, selvedge magazine, issue 41.
every time I receive a new issue it goes something like this, without fail:
"eeeeeeeeeee! lips drawn ear to ear, teeth clenched with excitement. I grab ahold tightly, become lost in the beauty of the cover, riddled with anticipation of what is to come. ahhhhh, I rest at the closest seat and slowly, gently dive in.

issue 41 was no different.

{image via}

favorite article: tides of fashion: nygards anna offer styles that will survive. (p. 18) check out more of nygards anna's amazing designs here.

{image via}


{image via}

i also really enjoyed the article: straw poll: hat making in caussade and septfonds. (p. 24) I loved that the Caussade hat district started in the 1700s with a woman who was inspired by the "tall, thin, white straw that grew on the dry rocky land" (p. 24). she used this material to make straw braids and went on to open hat making workshops; among having thirteen children. thank you Petronille Cantecor for your strong example and inspiration.

cheers! emilie

Monday, August 1, 2011

save the dates + vacation

liefday monday.
{save the dates + vacation}

I took a vacation last week; it was the first in a very long time. recently, 'vacation' has come to mean "take-your-work-to-a-new-location-and-try-to-hang-out,-relax-and-enjoy-those-around-you-while-getting-everything-else-done." and let me tell you, that does not work. actually, it can be more stressful than just staying in my own studio. so, this time, I left work at home and just took a break. and it was so wonderful. I water-colored, wrote poetry, spent wonderful time with my family, sailed, drank delicious wine, ate way too much, and actually took a vacation.

so I have this really sweet Australian couple that I have been designing wedding goods for; they are simply great. it has been so lovely to get to know them and craft designs to fit their wedding. as we are completing the final save the dates, I wanted to show some of the other proofs that were designed along the way. I'll show the final save the dates once they have been sent out and received.

{tag save the date}

{pennant save the date}

{rose petal calligraphed save the date}

oh, and a big THANK YOU to all of you who came out to the show at Celedon! It was lovely to meet you.